Will we ever escape the Patriarchy? Tabula RaSa explores this danger in their new production at The Tank

Created by the collective Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and written by Ramiro Antonio Sandoval (in association with Johanna Bock), this new Spanish translation of En El Ojo de la Aguja (in the eye of the needle) follows three characters as they challenge each other’s imagination on their coexistence in a “far-away-so-close”; location from our actual condition.

Loveville High, in Concert

Loveville High is absolutely fantastic, the music is original and so lively that it makes me want to travel back in time to when I was in high school. When listening, you will feel transported into your early years of fun and freedom...when the only thing you had to worry about was who you were going to prom with and what you were going to wear; and teen pregnancy, gender identity, love, everything high school.

"Daddy" at The Pershing Square Signature Center, Review

Jeremy O. Harris presents the audience for his play Daddy with many ideas to contemplate and reflect on. Ideas about relationships - intergenerational and transactional. Ideas about art and commerce and the inflection points between. Ideas about being black in this country. About queerness, sex and about what S and M might symbolize.

"Black Garden" at The Tank, Review

Going in to Black Garden at the Tank you’re likely not sure what to expect. Its promotional material has vague hints at the avant-garde, and references to the Eastern European commentary that will unfold. This leaves the interested party little the wiser as to the content.

Time to Look at Medusa in the Eyes

Creator Sophie Amieva has always been fascinated by the story of Medusa since she was a little girl. "Her looks and power troubled me. Her curse and decapitation even more so" she shares. From this fascination came the development of a new show that combines butoh dance, storytelling, clown, and an international all-female cast and creative team. Premiering February 8th at Brooklyn's happyluckyno1, this seems to be developing as an empowering experience not to be missed.

Jazzy on Pole Dancing and Comedy

“Breathe, you got this. What did I get myself into? Breathe. Have fun.” These are the thoughts that run through my mind before I take the stage. I’m anxious. Once I hear myself being introduced, it’s showtime. No turning back now. Schtick a Pole In It performs monthly at Drom.

"What the Constitution Means to Me" Review

The personal was declared political during the Second-Wave feminist movement of the 1970s, and it still is today – especially at New York Theatre Workshop, where “What the Constitution Means to Me,” the moving and all-too-timely play by writer and actor Heidi Schreck, is in performances.